A Little of This, a Little of That

01 Oct '16

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Pretty Panels: A Window’s Best Friend

One of the best ways to love your windows is to dress them in pretty panels. Panels flatter your window, hugging them on each side like a best friend.  And who doesn’t love good hug?  Panels are similar to that little black dress in your … Read More

26 Aug '16

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New, Modern Ways to Use Cafe Curtains

Traditionally cafe curtains have been used in a bathroom or kitchen. Mention cafe curtains and thoughts of your grandma’s breakfast nook may even appear.  Yet today these versatile window treatments are more modern than ever! We love how cafes cleverly hide kitchen items here.

And … Read More

27 Jul '16

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Answers to Your FAQs About Roman Shades

Whatever your personal design taste or style, roman shades give your windows a finished, elegant appearance that will last for many years. Today we want to answer some of the most common questions we get regarding style, fabrics, functionality and measuring … Read More

20 May '16

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The Spring One Room Challenge Reveal

How exciting was it for us to see Paige Minear of The Pink Clutch reveal her den for the Spring One Room Challenge (ORC) last week? It’s true, we were nothing short of giddy to be able to work with her on this room transformation … Read More

04 Mar '16

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Tips for Finding a Great Fabric

To us, finding the perfect fabric for a shade or panels is as valuable as stumbling upon a good Target clearance sale or spotting that one-of-a-kind HomeGoods designer knock-off.  Once you see it, you scramble to get it in your cart … Read More

12 Nov '15

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Which roman shade style is the best fit for you?

When it comes to dressing your windows, the roman shade remains a timeless decorating option. Interior design trends may frequently change, but the roman shade lives on as a classic beauty that will complement both the look and feel of your room. If your goal is to … Read More

09 Sep '15

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Inside vs Outside mount shades…how does one choose?

While we have been super busy this year, beautifying windows from Australia to Hawaii, our blog has suffered and pretty much went into hibernation. Then today we “woke up” and couldn’t wait any longer to help answer one … Read More

09 Jun '14

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Father’s Day Pillow Giveaway!

We are so excited to be collaborating with Corinne Roxanne from Pink Avenue Blog for our first holiday pillow giveaway, honoring all our fathers who support us as independent business owners struggling to balance work and family life.

The winner will receive … Read More

03 Mar '14

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Pssst….someone’s got a new look

And we’re super excited to announce that someone is us!!

It’s been awhile in the making and, at long last, we are finally ready to reveal our new branding. Change is good, right? … Read More

16 Feb '14

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Master Bedroom Serenity – I Want This Look

Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night?  Always blaming it on your partner’s snoring and restlessness? That second glass of wine you indulged in? Hormones?  Well surprisingly enough, your room’s layout and design may be to blame.

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