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01 Oct '16

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Pretty Panels: A Window’s Best Friend

One of the best ways to love your windows is to dress them in pretty panels. Panels flatter your window, hugging them on each side like a best friend.  And who doesn’t love good hug?  Panels are similar to that little black dress in your … Read More

26 Aug '16

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New, Modern Ways to Use Cafe Curtains

Traditionally cafe curtains have been used in a bathroom or kitchen. Mention cafe curtains and thoughts of your grandma’s breakfast nook may even appear.  Yet today these versatile window treatments are more modern than ever! We love how cafes cleverly hide kitchen items here.

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16 Feb '14

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Master Bedroom Serenity – I Want This Look

Do you have trouble getting to sleep at night?  Always blaming it on your partner’s snoring and restlessness? That second glass of wine you indulged in? Hormones?  Well surprisingly enough, your room’s layout and design may be to blame.

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07 Feb '14

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Fall in Love with Panels

What is one of the best ways to love your windows?  I say it’s to flatter them with a chic panel on each side so they hug the window frame almost like a best friend.  I mean who … Read More

02 Feb '14

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Kitchen Love – I Want This Look

If you haven’t stumbled upon Houzz yet, well….you can thank me later.  Because I’m about to let you in on a dirty little secret – a necessary addiction that ranks right up there with Pinterest.

Houzz, a popular … Read More

27 Jan '14


Measuring Your Window for a Roman Shade

One of my father’s favorite sayings is “measure twice, cut once”. And on several occasions I have learned a valuable lesson from not heeding his advice. The first part of Dad’s saying is also an important step when ordering a … Read More

18 Jan '14

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Why Choose Custom Window Treatments?

With so many choices today to buy a roman shade or panel, why choose a custom window treatment? From Pottery Barn to Amazon, you can pick up a new shade and dress up a boring window at a pretty … Read More

13 Oct '13

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Window Treatments and Eyebrows

An article in a fashion magazine said eyebrows are a very important feature, as they frame your entire face. While we are quick to purchase a new lipstick or wrinkle cream that will (supposedly) take years off our life,  we … Read More